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Why Choose YAJ?

Our Mission

Yanabee is more than just an Islamic learning institute. It is a comprehensive life skills training platform working worldwide with a mission to:

  • Learn and find ways to incorporate the teachings of Islam and sharia in our everyday life

  • Facilitate the learning process with cutting edge tools and modern technology.

  • Foster teamwork to promote social interactions in a global society

  • Inculcate personality development lessons for youth and adults alike

  • Cultivate skills and creative thinking amongst the community members

Weekly Video Series

The platform leverages the power of social media & educational tools like visual story-telling in a weekly video series, covering a wide range of topics pertaining to Islamic history, Sunnah, Islamic heroes, facts etc., creating engaging visualizations with narrations.   

Yanabee Youth

Yanabee places a high focus on youth's social, mental well-being and growth in a Muslim society. Yanabee Youth nurtures young minds through lectures, screenings, technical workshops, webinars and activities like camping, creative bazaars, hand work etc. to develop creativity and social skills. All our youth programs are designed to facilitate positive growth, empowerment and an understanding of identity.

Al Wahayayn

Al Wahyayn is a specialized course to understand the Quran and Hadith taught by highly trained experts in the field. The focus is to explain every verse and every saying of Muhammad PBUH in its true essence, with language experts, and in a way that resonates with our everyday life to make it more comprehensible.

Healing Hub

Another venture under the auspices of Yanabee is Healing Hub which focuses on mental and psychological healing. It is an online platform offering psychological counseling, life coaching and NLP coaching to improve various aspects of one’s life with a professional expert.

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