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Summer Squad




4 weeks



About the Course

Yanabee AlJenan presents

"Beat the Summer blues with our colourful hues"

*Ages 6-8 (boys & girls)*

Wake up the little scientist in you and explore the world of Science in the light of Qur'an.

With hands on activities, experiments, STEM challenges and much more.

*Ages 9-11 (girls)*

Hey Little Writer,
Are you curious, imaginative and creative? Then you are at the right place!

A place where curiosity and inspiration will be let loose, imagination and creativity will be explored!

A place with hands on activities, crafts, storytelling and writing and much more!

*Ages 12-15*

How do I do my period hygiene?
What are the taboos during menstruation?
What are the dangers of unhygienic menstrual health?
How do I relieve painful cramps during periods?

Do these questions bother you?
Then this is the right opportunity to get your answers along with many more important topics related general hygiene, psychological health and advice from an expert!

Also will be covered an important topic on How to be an Ibadur Rahman - A Servant of the Most Merciful.

Tr. Mahjabeen & Tr. Shaima

Sis. Ayesha

Tr. Muqitha, Sis. Aliya & Sis. Ayesha Zubair

Days: Sun, Tue and Thu

Timings: 10:00am - 11:00am

17th July upto 4 weeks


Your Instructor

Ust Munazza

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