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Spoken Arabic




6 weeks



About the Course

In this Arabic language course, you will learn the Arabic language and boost your Arabic skills with a complete comprehensive Arabic course. The name of the course that we are doing. العربية بين يديك .The course covers all the important topics a beginner needs to learn. The topics are arranged in a logical order which makes the learning process smooth and easy for the student. You will discover that Arabic is easy to learn. We have designed the course in a way that makes learning the Arabic language more efficient for the learner.

Learning Arabic is very beneficial when living in an Arab country. It can improve your communication and interactions with Arabs. Studying Arabic will help you understand the beauty of the Arab culture more, including its religion: Islam. In addition to having plenty of uses in your daily life for the words and phrases you learn, you will also be able to have a better understanding of the content of the Quran.

Our learning methods are fun, interesting and we also make use of interactive learning :)


Your Instructor

Ustaza Seema

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