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Quran Stories



$12 per month/ $30 for full course

10 weeks



About the Course

In Islam, the Prophets were unique persons sent by Allah to diverse communities to serve as role models and to inspire and disseminate the message of Islam. The Qur'an acknowledges 25 Prophets by name, but many more are believed to have existed since the Qur'an says, "And We assuredly sent into every country a prophet" (Surah Nahl Ayat 16). Below, you may read about the journeys of the 25 Prophets and how they contributed to Islam becoming the faith it is today.

Bringing you beautiful stories and anecdotes from the Qur’an filled with morals and lessons and fun-filled activities to keep your kids connected with the Qur’an.
Starting from: 14th January
Day: Saturday
Time: 5-6pm
Ages : (Boys 5-10 Years)(Girls 5-10 Years)
Duration: 10 weeks


Your Instructor

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