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Finding Your Why?




3 days



About the Course

*Self-awareness is the new buzzword in town!*

🔸 It means being aware of one's own character and feelings.
🔸 It's the first step towards greater success in life.
🔸 It shows one the clarity of goals.

Enrol your child for:
🔹 A well designed course to enthusiastically engage the participants
🔹 With easy explanation of psychological & Islamic aspects of knowing yourself to know your bigger purpose
🔹 A unique set of workshop to build confidence & clarity at this important stage of life
🔹 Worksheet & activity log
🔹 From an experienced trainer/student coach

📜3 Days Workshop

👩‍🦰For Girls age: 11-16

💸Fees: 90sar


Your Instructor

Ustaza Iram

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